Operation Rubicon was a covert operation initiated by the Principality of Zeon using the Cyclops Team. It is the main focus of Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.


The primary objective of Operation Rubicon was to capture or destroy the Earth Federation Forces (EFF) secretly developed mobile suit, the RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex", hidden at the neutral Libot colony in Side 6. If both options failed, they were to resort to a nuclear strike against the colony. The following is a list of maneuvers:

  • 23:00, December 14 U.C.0079, Operation Rubicon starts, Cyclops Team leaves the Granada lunar base.
  • 06:00, December 15 U.C.079, Von Helsing's fleet launches a diversionary attack on Libot. Bernard Wiseman, along with the disassembled MS-18E Kämpfer, are transported aboard a disguised military ship to the colony.
  • December 16 to 17 U.C.079, Assembly work of the Kämpfer at a factory in the colony, collecting intel on specific EFF military bases.
  • 19:30, December 19 U.C.079, Disguised as EFF soldiers, the Cyclops Team infiltrates the EFF base housing the RX-78NT-1 Gundam.
  • 19:40, December 19 U.C.079, the Kämpfer sorties within the colony as a diversionary tact. The EFF Scarlett Team is dispatched from the LMSD-76 Gray Phantom and is quickly annihilated.
  • 20:00, December 19 U.C.079, The Kämpfer engages the Gundam "Alex" and is defeated. Cyclops Team captain Steiner Hardy is killed during the firefight in the base. All members of the Cyclops Team are killed except for Bernard Wiseman.
  • December 20 U.C.079, news of Operation Rubicon's failure reaches Commander Killing in Granada.
  • December 22 U.C.079, Killing usurps his commanding officer and prepares a nuclear attack on Side 6. Von Helsing's fleet is ordered by to perform the launch at 12:00 (Operation Christmas).
  • December 23 U.C.079, Bernard Wiseman attempts to prevent the launch by destroying the Gundam "Alex" alone. He repairs his damaged MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai in a forest park with the help of Alfred Izuruha and prepares to lure out Gundam "Alex".
  • 10:55, December 25 U.C.079, Von Helsing's fleet is intercepted by a Federation patrol and surrenders. Bernard was unaware of the fleet's surrender and Operation Christmas called off.
  • 14:00, December 25 U.C.079, Bernard Wiseman, the last remaining member of the Cyclops Team, engages the Gundam "Alex" in his Zaku II Kai. The Zaku II Kai is destroyed in the confrontation, while the "Alex" is heavily damaged.


The operation is probably named after the phrase "crossing the Rubicon" meaning going past the point of no return. After successful campaigning in France the Roman Senate ordered Julius Caesar to give up control of his army. He refused and crossed the Rubicon river into Italy thereby beginning a civil war which he won and as a result ended the Roman Republic and began his dictatorship.


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