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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the G-Tekketsu character; if you are looking for the article on the SEED character then you should head to Orga Sabnak.

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Hair Color
  • Lilac
Eye Color
  • Yellow
  • Male
  • Mobile Worker Pilot
  • Leader of Tekkadan
Mobile Weapons
Vessels Commanded

Orga Itsuka (オルガ・イツカ?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. Leader of Tekkadan and former leader of CGS's Third Army Division, the disposable child soldiers of the CGS. He is a soldier with great leadership skills .

Personality & Character

He cares deeply for his comrades, considering them all to be a family rather than a group of mercenaries. He is particularly close to Mikazuki, dating back to their childhood. Their brotherly bond is even stronger than any other members, where one trusts the other completely. He can be ruthless to those he deems an enemy, not afraid to shoot someone in cold blood when it comes down to it, or, more often than not, orders Mikazuki to do it.

Skills & Abilities

He has undergone the Alaya-Vijnana System surgery, and is therefore a better than average pilot. His greatest strength, however, is not his ability to fight, but to lead. His personal charisma, along with his military genius, is what keeps Tekkadan moving forward. His ability to think outside of the box has saved him and his allies on multiple occasions, and that has earned him the respect of both friend and foe, and has in one occasion, impressed a foe enough to become his friend.

Despite having a rough childhood and never attending school, he is surprisingly fully capable of reading and writing, and more impressively, in two languages, unlike most children of his circumstances. He loathes sitting at a desk and do paperwork, but is very capable of doing when he comes down to it.


Fed up with the abuse he and his comrades receive from the First Army Division, Orga leads a mutiny that expels majority of the group. He then renames the division Tekkadan and promises to complete the CGS original mission of escorting Kudelia Aina Bernstein to Earth.


Mikazuki Augus

He and Mikazuki have known each other from a very young age. They have an incredible loyalty to each other, each motivating the other to reach their full potential. Mikazuki obeys any order or plan Orga poses, without question. Their deep trust allows them to cover each others backs, and is their greatest strength.

Biscuit Griffon

They know each other from childhood and Biscuit serves him like a staff officer. Orga trusts and respects this is evident from the fact that whenever Orga wants to make a big strategic or policy decision for the future, he discusses it with Biscuit first before announcing it to the rest of Tekkadan. Additionally, Orga mentioned that despite having reservations, Biscuit never protested whenever Orga proposed something reckless throughout the years. However, Biscuit argued that he did, but eventually only forced to go along with it, as Orga was so passionate that he wouldn't listen.

Merribit Stapleton

Merribit first saw Orga and his comrades when they were celebrating at Pub Someday, she was told by a bartender that they were a "rowdy bunch from Mars". While they were out eating and drinking to celebrate their success, Orga encouraged them not to hesitate to enjoy themselves. When Orga made a toast and proclaimed that they would party all night, Merribit smiled. Sometime after, however, it turned out Orga could not handle his alcohol and Merribit saw Mikazuki holding him while he coughed. She kindly offered Orga a handkerchief and told him that if he wanted to be an adult, he had to learn how to deal with many things, Orga accepted her gift although he said "it smells like a woman".[1]

Sometime afterwards, Naze Turbine told Orga that there would be an overseer from Teiwaz on the Isabiri from then on, Orga was surprised to learn the Overseer was a "she". When she entered, Orga had forgotten about their first encounter but Merribit had not, but he did quickly and eventually recover his very faint memory of what happened when he was drunk. She find it hard to believe that the ship was run by children, Orga requested that she not treat them as such.


Notes & Trivia


  1. Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS Episode 9, Sakazuki

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