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"Boat" is not in the list of possible values (Aircraft, Fighter, Bike, Craft, Helicopter, Hovercraft, Sub-Flight System, Tank, Truck, Turret, Transport) for this property.

The Oseberg is a support craft in the series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


In keeping with the aesthetic of their entry into the 13th Gundam Fight, the GF13-012NN Viking Gundam, Neo Norway constructed an enormous Viking longship for it to ride. This ship was named the Oseberg, after the famed Norse relic, and mounted a seemingly endless supply of heat oars for the use of its sole occupant.

The ship served well during the initial stage of the Gundam Fight, and was used to row all the way to the finals in Neo Hong Kong. However, it played a role in Neo Norway's defeat early in the competition, when Neo Germany's GF13-021NG Gundam Spiegel used a substitution technique to switch places with it. The Viking Gundam unwittingly skewered the boat with its harpoons instead of the Spiegel, allowing the Neo German fighter to take the Viking by surprise.

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