The ovm-el Dorado L is a variant of the ovm-e Dorado in the Asemu Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit was piloted by Mazato Langley and Daz Roden.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Dorado L is a mass production commander variant of the ovm-e Dorado, thus it can be assumed its performance is greater than the normal Dorado. Outwardly, the Dorado L is almost identical to the normal Dorado, except it has additional armor at the side of its head and slightly different chin armor. Overall the Dorado series is superior to the Earth Federation's RGE-B890 Genoace II and RGE-C350 Shaldoll Custom mobile suits.


  • Beam Rifle
Serves as the Dorado L's tail. The beam rifle can be held over or under the right shoulder when in use. It is a powerful long-range weapon that can destroy a mobile suit with one shot.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on both hands. Fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations. They also possess the ability to generate a beam saber.
  • Diffuse Beam Cannon
Mounted in the torso. Generates a very wide beam ideal for eliminating difficult enemies that stand before the Dorado.
  • 3-Linked Beam Vulcan
Forearm-mounted weapons, similar in design to a shield, and armed with three built-in beam vulcans
  • 3-tube Missile Pod
Forearm-mounted weapons, similar in design to a shield, and armed with a built-in 3-tube missile pod.

System Features


The Dorado L first appears in A.G. 141. Dorado L units are piloted by Vagan squad leaders and commanders. Daz Roden pilots one of these units.

Even in A.G. 164, the Dorado L is still deployed by the Vagan, despite being replaced by the more advanced ovv-af Danazine. Some of these units are seen at the battle of Luna Base.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Dorado L's name and golden color scheme is a reference to El Dorado, which is Spanish for "the golden one." Also, the Dorado L's designation ends with "el", which may cause people to misread it as "el Dorado", which further proves this point.

Picture Gallery

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