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ovv-gaf Gurruzine


Ovv-gaf Gurruzine Front

Unit Type

Assault Ground Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • ovv-gaf
Developed from

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 18.2 meters59.711 ft
    716.535 in
Standard Weight
  • 79.0 metric tons
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in cockpit in head with 360° monitor display)
  • 2 x Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
  • Beam Shooter/Beam Saber
  • Gurruzine Cannon
  • Gurruzine Spinner
Special Equipments and Features
Optional Equipment
  • Gurruzine Long Cannon

The ovv-gaf Gurruzine is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-. It is a variant of the Danazine.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A ground combat variant of the Danazine, the legs are replaced with large hover units that significantly improve its performance on the ground and allows it to transverse various terrains with ease [1]. As the Vagans do not have many production facilities on Earth, the majority of Gurruzines are actually converted from available Danazines. As flight capabilities are no longer needed, the wings of the original Danazine are removed and this greatly simplifies the structure of the suit's upper body. The Gurruzine has higher stability than a bipedal design which allows for a greater variety of handheld armaments. It retains all the weaponry of the original Danazine, and its primary weapon is the unique "Gurruzine Long Cannon". To stabilize the suit as it uses this weapon for ranged attacks, claw-shaped spikes hidden in the lower body can be deployed to grip the ground. [1]


  • Gurruzine Long Cannon
A hand-carried beam weapon unique to the Gurruzine, it is capable of sniping targets up to 8000 meters away and can also be used as a close combat weapon due to its ability to generate beam spikes from the slits near the tip. By spinning the weapon's barrel, the beam spikes can function as a beam scraper.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on each hand. Fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations. Also possesses a beam saber mode, like most Vagan mobile suits.
  • Beam Shooter/Beam Saber
Mounted under the chin, it's a special beam vulcan gun that can also emit a beam saber.
  • Gurruzine Cannon
Mounted in the waist. It generates a very wide beam, ideal for eliminating difficult enemies that stand before the Gurruzine.
  • Gurruzine Spinner
The "tail" of the Gurruzine, which functions as a striking weapon capable of impaling enemy mobile suits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Electromagnetic Armor




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