The ovw-dc-2gc Wrozzo R is a variant of the amphibious Vagan mobile suit ovw-dc Wrozzo from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It's piloted by Zeheart Galette.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Wrozzo R is a customized ovw-dc Wrozzo, it features Zeheart Galette's unique red color scheme. Like the original, Wrozzo R is also developed for use in both swampy and underwater terrain. Overall its designed to be much more faster in both mobile armor mode and ground combat capabilities then the regular Wrozzo.

Similar to the standard Wrozzo, it is also armed with ten claws, which can take down or even cut through mobile suits, missile launchers on its forearms for mid-ranged attacks and a beam cannon in the chest for ranged combat.


  • Wrozzo Cannon
Mounted on the chest. Generates a very wide beam, ideal for eliminating difficult enemies that stand before the Wrozzo.
  • Shiguru Claws
The Wrozzo lacks the hand-mounted beam vulcans/sabers, featured on many other Vagan mobile suits. To make up for this, the Wrozzo is armed with claw like fingers, which are deadly weapons in close quarters combat. These claws can be used to strike at or even cut through mobile suits.
  • Missile Launcher
The Wrozzo's missile launchers are located on the unit's forearms. These missile launches can serve as a mid-ranged weapons and can also be used in underwater combat.

System Features


Commanding officer Zeheart Galette piloted the Wrozzo R in A.G. 164 during the Vagan attack on Rostroulan. Zeheart's customized Wrozzo was painted in red, similar to the xvm-zgc Zeydra and the xvt-zgc Ghirarga. Zeheart's squad used a secret entrance to enter the base, in order to destroy it from the inside using plasma particle bombs.

After planting the bombs, Zeheart was eventually involved in the battle, where he fought against Kio Asuno in his AGE-3F Gundam AGE-3 Fortress. However, the Gundam proved too much for Zeheart's Wrozzo to handle, eventually losing both arms in the fight. Zeheart was forced to abandon his damaged machine after Kio withdrew from the battlefield to deal with the bombs.



  • The color of Zeheart's Wrozzo and also its speed mirrors to the Mobile Suits piloted by Ace Pilot Char Aznable of the Universal Century timeline, with a running gag that his mobile suits (and subsequently all red mobile suits in the Gundam metaverse) are three times faster than the original. Interestingly, the Red Wrozzo is a reference to Char's MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type of Mobile Suit Gundam.

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