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The Arms Astray PMC Custom is a Mobile Suit in the manga series Gundam SEED Frame Astray.

Technology and Combat characteristics

A modified version of the UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom used by Leons Graves. All the modification and new parts utilized are designed by Leons himself and the change in name signifies that the MS is now optimized for combat. The most significant difference is the modification to the head unit, which now contains enhanced sensor unit that allows Leons to fully utilize his sniping skills. There are also other modifications made to the internal components but these did not result in any changes to the outer appearances. One such modification is the adding of a power receiver function to the backpack mounted electromagnetic propulsion system, allowing the MS to operate longer. Like the Civilian Astray DSSD Custom used by Leons, the Arms Astray PMC Custom is armed with a laser torch, beam pistol and shield.


  • Beam Pistol
Although its appearance is identical to that of the Civilian Astray DSSD Custom's beam pistol, this beam pistol is in fact an improved version created by Leons. Its firing range has been improved greatly and during close combat, it can function as a beam submachine gun.
  • Shield
A simple defensive armament mounted on the left arm, its sharp edges also allows it to be used as a weapon during close combat.
  • Laser Torch
The same equipment as used by Civilian Astray DSSD Custom, but it no longer needs the recognition code in order to be used in beam saber mode.

System Features

  • Enhanced Sensor Unit
A sensor unit that has been enhanced for combat use and designed to allow Leons to use his sniping skills freely. It is mounted in the head.
  • Power Receiving Unit
During the upgrade to Arms Astray, the electromagnetic propulsion system is modified with an additional function. The system can now act as a power receiving system and can receive power wirelessly from an aerial support unit, increasing the operational time of the Arms Astray.


After using his custom UT-1D Civilian Astray DSSD Custom to battle Serpent Tail, Earth Alliance, and the guerrillas in the Republic of East Asia, Leons Graves decides to upgrade it into the PMC-1L Arms Astray PMC Custom. It first appeared in chapter 9, where he and Alec met with Xist, Lukas and Three Socius for a cease fire negotiation. However the talk soon turn into a fight and during Leons's battle with Lukas, he manages to damage the latter's Strike E IWSP after Alec's unexpected interference.

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