Plot Summary

The episode starts out with Haru staring at a damaged Beginning Gundam. During the fight Haru is badly beaten by Boris Schauer's Forever Gundam. The next day, Kenta and Rina visit Haru, having recently bought a HGUC MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki + Mega Bazooka Launcher and an MSM-04 Acguy respectively. Haru then starts to repair, paint, and panel line the Beginning Gundam as Kenta changes the gold on the Hyaku Shiki to white, naming it "Byaku Shiki". The two return to the Gunpla store and the manager introduces Kenta and Haru to a young guitarist named Tatsu Shimano, as the manager says that they need to learn about the history of Gunpla and has Tatsu take them on in a 2 on 1 match. Kenta and Haru then suit up and launch from the Argama into a space colony. Suddenly, the duo are attacked by Tatsu in his GPB-06F Super Zaku Custom F2000, a heavily armored version of the MS-06F2 Zaku II F2. Tatsu, now completely sadistic, bombards the two with heavy fire. Haru is shocked at the Zaku, and Tatsu explains that he built the kit using putty and other kits. Kenta takes out two of the machine guns and he and Haru get in close to the Zaku. However, Tatsu manages to chop off the legs of Kenta's Byaku Shiki with a custom heat hawk pole. In the real world, both Boris and the manager are observing the battle with great interest. The manager doesn't think Haru will win, but Boris explains that Tatsu sacrificed firepower for mobility. Haru notices that the Zaku's armor is cracking, and Kenta explains that the bond between the armor and the base Zaku was weakening. Kenta then fires the Byaku Shiki's clay bazooka at the Zaku. Haru takes the opportunity and charges at Tatsu, winning the match. Tatsu then congratulates the two on winning with his personality back to normal. Tatsu noted that he learned a lesson and how it was foolish to use putty. Just then, Rina enters the store and shows off her newly customized GPB-04B Beargguy (a MSM-04 Acguy with a bear head and a schoolgirl backpack), perplexing the others. Elsewhere, Boris leaps on his horse and chats with a Bandai employee about a set of upgrade parts for the Beginning Gundam, which would allow it to match or exceed Boris' Forever Gundam.

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