Pawn Leo
Pawn Leos a

Voiced By

Japanese Voice Takayuki Kondou
Nationality Lacroa
Military Info
Allegiance Tallgeese
Occupation Soldiers

Pawn Leo (ポーンリーオー) are characters in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Tallgeese's soldiers, created in his image by Deathscythe as a gift. Similar in stature to the Zakos, the Pawn Leos are even dumber. Deathscythe created them from charmed dice and they revert to this form once beaten. Unit commanders have a special head crest and Deathscythe maintains his own special Pawn Leos who have his color scheme and stealth magic, much more powerful than the variety given to standard Pawn Leos.

A Pawn Leo appears on the Zako Zako Hour to help explain certain aspects of Lacroa to the hosts. However, this is one is rather haughty, gives vague, contradicting information, or just goes off on random tangents. At one point during the Deathscythe Arc they host their own variation of the ZakoZako Hour, dubbed the PawnPawn Hour.


  • Pawn Leos resemble OZ-06MS Leos albeit much ornate and shorter in stature. The fact that they can easily revert to their item form such as, by tripping and falling on their face, is a play on the MS Leo's being easily destroyed as depicted in stock animation for Gundam W.
  • The fact that Pawn Leos are created in Tallgeese's image is a reference to the OZ-06MS Leo being the mass-produced version of the OZ-00MS Tallgeese.


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