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The Peacemillion is a large battleship from the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing televisions series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Even though the Peacemillion is equipped with a number of beam cannons, it is never shown firing them and instead relies on the mobile suits it carries during combat. It is equipped with a powerful stealth mechanism similar to the one on XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell, which allows it to evade enemy pursuit despite its massive size.


  • Beam Cannon
Many are mounted in the bow slits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Stealth Mechanism
Installed by Professor G, it takes advantage of the ship's peculiar form to avoid detection.


The name ship of the Peacemillion-class, the Peacemillion is a massive space battleship developed by Gundam Scientist Professor G and Tallgeese engineer Mike Howard. After its completion in A.C. 192, it has travelled to even beyond the Solar System.

Sometime prior to Operation Meteor, it was hidden on the moon by Doctor J and Howard. Howard brought out Peacemillion during the Eve Wars. It first served as Zechs Merquise's base before he went to join White Fang and then for the Gundams. In the final battle, the crew crashed the Peacemillion into the Libra's main cannon. However, the massive battleship still continued on its course to Earth to finish the original Operation Meteor. The Gundam scientists sacrificed themselves by causing an explosion that killed themselves and Quinze, thus starting up Peacemillion's engines, pushing the majority of the Libra away from Earth.



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