Plamo-Kyoshiro (プラモ狂四郎 Puramokyōshirō?) is a 1982 manga belonging to the Gundam franchise, written by Hisashi Yasui and illustrated by Koichi Yamato. It was published from August 20, 1982 until December 17, 1986 in Comic BomBom magazine of Kodansha publishing house, receiving eventual reprints. This was the very first production of the Gundam franchise in its entire history, that showed idea of battles with customized Gundam Plastic Models. This idea has proven to be a very powerful concept, and has been used later in other productions of the franchise, such as Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try.


The manga is aimed to the audience of Plastic model fans., The story of Plato-Kyoshiro's is about Shiro Kyoda, a young man from Tamiya city and a student of the Bandai Elementary School. Shiro is great enthusiast of Plastic Models and Plamo Battles. Shiro's dream is to become the representative of Japan in the World Simulation Tournament and be able to fight in the finals in the Battle of Hobbytopia. In addition to that, the comic had original Mecha designs that gave rise to the series of Mobile Suit Variations and BB Senshi.


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Production Notes

Plamo-Kyoshiro was written by Hisashi Yasui and illustrated by Koichi Yamato. In 1981 Kodansha had released the first issue of its magazine Comic Bom Bom. At that precise moment, the publisher was planning to launch a manga adaptation of the Mobile Suit Gundam movies, but the publisher was unable to get Sunrise's authorization on time. As an alternative plan, the publisher contacted Hisashi Yasui to create a new series. That's how Plamo-Kyoshiro was born .

In 1979 was released Mobile Suit Gundam , the first series of the Gundam franchise. In 1980 The toy company Bandai began to penetrate for the first time on the sale of plastic models , a hobby quite widespread in the world, but hardly known in Japan at that time. To publicize this new product, Bandai sponsored events and specialized magazines in the hobby of Plastic models along with other advertising techniques. The Plamo-Kyoshiro manga was created as a tool to publicize the plastic models that Bandai was launching at the time.

The story of the Manga and the idea of Plamo Battles were concepts specially designed to arouse the interest of the readers for the hobby of Plastic models. In the manga, the characters appear buying plastic models of Gundam Series and from other famous series ( Votoms , Dunbine , Dougram , Vifam , L-Gaim , Xabungle , Baldios ) and feature films ( Star Wars , Exorcist , Thunderbirds , Blue Thunder ) as well as models of airplanes tanks and other models of vehicles to use them in the simulation. In addition, the characters appear customizing and creating their own original models of Vehicles and Robots. Apart from this, you can see the characters using branded products from companies dedicated to the Plasticmodel industry and numerous references to famous companies, products and people related to this hobby.

Publication History

Original Issue 1982-1986

The volume numbers can be confirmed on the cover

Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
01Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 1 August 20, 1982 ISBN 4-06-100401-8
02 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 2 October 20, 1982 ISBN 4-06-100403-4
03Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 3 Plamo on this cover are from left to right: Agguguy, God Tiger Tank and the RX-78-2 GundamFebruary 20, 1983 ISBN 4-06-100407-7
04Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 4 Over the logo appears Xabungle from Blue Gale Xabungle. Behind Shiro, the Perfect Gundam. June 18, 1983 ISBN 4-06-100414-X
05Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 5 September 17, 1983 ISBN 4-06-100421-2
06Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 6 The Robots on the cover are Bilbine and Dunbine from Aura Battler Dunbine. Other two are models of two Scopedog from Armored Trooper Votoms December 17, 1983 ISBN4-06-100426-3
07Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 7 March 17, 1984 ISBN4-06-100435-2
08Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 8 August 17, 1984 ISBN 4-06-100443-3
09 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 9 December 17, 1984 ISBN4-06-100449-2
10Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 10 March 18, 1985 ISBN 4-06-100454-9
11 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 11 Gundam behind Shiro is the original Zeta Gundam August 15, 1985 ISBN 4-06-100459-X
12Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 12 Behind Shiro is a Zeta Gundam variation model December 17, 1985 ISBN 4-06-100466-2
13Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 13 Robot behind Shiro on the cover is Musha Gundam Mk2 June 18, 1986 ISBN 4-06-100473-5
14Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 14 In the hand of Shiro is the Metaru Bushin (メタル武神,Metal god of military arts) along with them the ZZ Gundam. August 18, 1986 ISBN 4-06-100479-4
15PLamo kyoshiro Original 15 Gundam over the Shiro's head is the Perfect Gundam Mk2 December 17, 1986 ISBN 4-06-100486-7
Plamo-Kyoshiro Musha Gundam Version
Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
-Musha gundam shiro This Volume is about the Musha Gundam and how it appeared. August 17, 1989 4-06-100563-4
Reprint of 2008

The volume numbers can be confirmed on the cover

Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
02 32084286
05プラモ狂四郎 32112704
09 32143643


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