Plamo-Kyoshiro (プラモ狂四郎) was a manga series mainly based on the models of the first Mobile Suit Gundam series along with its Mobile Suit Variations series. First published in 1982, written by Hisashi Yasui and drawn by Koichi Yamato, the story is set in the world of Plamo-kyo ("Plastic-Model Fans"), where schoolkids compete with self-built Mobile Suit Variations in a virtual-reality simulator. The same concept was used in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G and Gundam Build Fighters.

Production Notes

Due to the immense popularity of the Gundam plastic model kits in Japan in the mid-'80s, this popular comic series by Team Craft and Koichi Yamato was a series mainly based on the models of the first Gundam series along with its Mobile Suit Variation series. Released in the February 1982 issue of the Comic BomBom magazine, It is the first series on Gundam models. Series features modification of existing models and creating new ones, like the PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam, PF-78-3 Perfect Gundam III, and Musha Gundam, which were endorsed by Bandai and was later released as official model kits and figures, and also as units featured in various games. The series started the idea for Mobile Fighter G Gundam of pilot's emotion reflecting the emotion of the unit. Various series basing on the same plot model were published, more recently the Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G (2010) OVA series and Gundam Build Fighters (2013).


Plamo (Mobile Suits)

Shiro's Side

Rival Side

Plastic Models of other Franchises

Publication History

Original Issue 1982-1986

The volume numbers can be confirmed on the cover

Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
01Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 1 20 de agosto de 1982 ISBN 4-06-100401-8
02 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 2 20 de octubre de 1982 ISBN 4-06-100403-4
03Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 3 The Plamo on this cover are from left to right, are the Agguguy, God Tiger Tank and the RX-78-2 Gundam20 de febrero de 1983 ISBN 4-06-100407-7
04Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 4 Over the logo,Xabungle, Behind Shiro, the Perfect Gundam. 18 de junio de 1983 ISBN 4-06-100414-X
05Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 5 17 de septiembre de 1983 ISBN 4-06-100421-2
06Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 6 The Robots on the cover are BIlbine and Dunbine from Aura battler dunbine. the other two are models of the ATM Scopedog of armored trooper Votoms17 de diciembre de 1983 ISBN4-06-100426-3
07Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 7 17 de marzo de 1984 ISBN4-06-100435-2
08Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 8 17 de agosto de 1984 ISBN 4-06-100443-3
09 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 9 17 de diciembre de 1984 ISBN4-06-100449-2
10Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 10 18 de marzo de 1985 ISBN 4-06-100454-9
11 Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 11 The Gundam Behind Shiro is the Original Zeta Gundam15 de agosto de 1985 ISBN 4-06-100459-X
12Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 12 Behind shiro is a model ovariation of the Zeta Gundam17 de diciembre de 1985 ISBN 4-06-100466-2
13Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 13 the robot behind shiro on thye cover is the Musha Gundam Mk218 de junio de 1986 ISBN 4-06-100473-5
14Plamo-Kyoshiro Original 14 In the Hand of Shiro is the Metaru bushin (メタル武神,Metal god of military arts) along with them the ZZ gundam.18 de agosto de 1986 ISBN 4-06-100479-4
15PLamo kyoshiro Original 15 the gundam over the head of shiro is the perfect gundam MK2 17 de diciembre de 1986 ISBN 4-06-100486-7
Plamo-Kyoshiro Musha Gundam Version
Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
-Musha gundam shiro This Volume is about the Musha Gundam and how it appeared. August 17, 1989 4-06-100563-4
Reprint of 2008

The volume numbers can be confirmed on the cover

Volume CoverComments Publication Date ISBN
02 32084286
05プラモ狂四郎 32112704
09 32143643


List of Mobile Suits

Plamo From Other Series





  • Vol.1 ISBN: 978-4-06-370566-9
  • Vol.2 ISBN: 978-4-06-370567-6
  • Vol.3 ISBN: 978-4-06-370577-5
  • Vol.4 ISBN: 978-4-06-370578-2
  • Vol.5 ISBN: 978-4-06-370586-
  • Vol.6 ISBN: 978-4-06-370587-4
  • Vol.7 ISBN: 978-4-06-370594-2
  • Vol.8
  • Vol.9 ISBN: 978-4-06-370601-7
  • Vol.10 ISBN: 978-4-06-370602-4

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