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The Polypeimos was a submarine in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The only armament of the Polypeimos is an unknown number of torpedo launchers, which it uses to attack ships from the underside. Besides this it also uses several DTM-7200 Daughseat III aquatic Mobile Suits to defend itself or to attack enemies.


  • Torpedo Launchers


Owned by an Orc leader named Marcus Guy, the Polypeimos was used by him for piracy activities, attacking ships and stealing their load. During one such attack, Marcus was offered a salvage job by Olba Frost in the Sea of Lorelei. As it turned out, Olba planned to salvage the parts of the Old United Nations Earth' Operation L, especially the FX-9900 GX-Bit units. Using the Polypeimos and its complement Daughseat III units, the operation was quickly conducted, but then the Vulture ship Freeden showed up. Marcus, who had heard rumors of the ship with its Gundam-type mobile suits decided to attack them. During the attack, the Polypeimos was nearly able to sink the Freeden with its torpedoes until the Newtype Lucille Liliant intervened and deactivated them. This and a message from Shagia Frost forced the Polypeimos and Olba Frost to retreat to get their load to the New UNE. The Polypeimos then headed straight to the New UNE forces but underway was attacked by the Freeden. During the battle Jamil Neate was again able to use the Flash System (with help from Lucille) to activate the GX-Bits, who then launched from the Polypeimos, critically damaging the submarine and forcing the crew to evacuate it. To keep the mission a secret, Marcus and his surviving crewmembers were killed by Olba.


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