Prepare to Fight! Desperate Fugitive is the seventh episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon goes to Neo Mexico in order to fight the Gundam Fighter, Chico Rodriguez, but upon arrival he learns that the fighter has run away and is being hunted by the local authorities. Chico is running away with his dying sister and refuses to fight. Her wish is to stay on Earth, however should Chico lose he would have to return to the space colonies with her. Therefore, he has decided to avoid fighting. After Domon helps him avoid the authorities, the fighter agrees to a bout and the fight ensues. Domon appears to kill Chico by destroying the Gundam, but this was only a ruse to fool the local authorities into thinking Chico died in battle. Chico swims to shore and he and his sister leave to go live peacefully for the remainder of her life.

Important Events

Featured Gundam Fights

Gundam Maxter vs. Pescatore x2

  • Winner: Gundam Maxter

Shining Gundam vs. Tequila Gundam

  • Winner: Shining Gundam


  • The first episode with the same opening theme following Episode 6 with new animation.
  • In one of the flashbacks from one episode before, it shows the picture of the Kasshu family.

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