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This property is used to specify official English names of Mobile Weapons, Characters, Media, Factions, Songs, Locations or Technologies. It has the type: String.

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...So We Meet Again +...So We Meet Again  +
00's Voice +00's Voice  +
10 MINUTES WAR U.C. 0079 +10 MINUTES WAR U.C. 0079  +
30th Gundam Perfect Mission +30th Gundam Perfect Mission  +
A Call for Counterattack +A Call for Counterattack  +
A Cosmic Glow +A Cosmic Glow  +
A Deadly United Front +A Deadly United Front  +
A Decoy in Space +A Decoy in Space  +
A Descent into the Maelstrom +A Descent into the Maelstrom  +
A Fateful Encounter +A Fateful Encounter  +
A Father's Spell +A Father's Spell  +
A Fighter's Radiance +A Fighter's Radiance  +
A Fleeting Dream +A Fleeting Dream  +
A Future Reward +A Future Reward  +
A Knights' Pride! Gundam Rose Stolen +A Knights' Pride! Gundam Rose Stolen  +
A Letter from Tomorrow +A Letter from Tomorrow  +
A New Bond +A New Bond  +
A New Flag +A New Flag  +
A New Leader +A New Leader  +
A New Weapon! Erupting God Finger +A New Weapon! Erupting God Finger  +
A Place for the Soul +A Place for the Soul  +
A Private War +A Private War  +
A Reason to Battle +A Reason to Battle  +
A Reason to Fight +A Reason to Fight  +
A Sign of Zeta +A Sign of Zeta  +

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