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This property lists the Hydrojet Thrust of a Mobile Weapon. This is a Quantity.

For ease of reading this property only outputs in the units kg, lb, tons.

  • 1 kg, kilogram
  • 1000 g, gram, grams, gramme, grammes
  • 0.001 t, tonne, tonnes
  • 2.204622 lb, lbs, pounds
  • 35.273962 oz, ounce, ounces
  • 0.0011023113 tons, ton, short tons, short ton
  • 5000 ct, carat, carats
  • 6.02214151134e26 u, Da
  • 5.0274e-31 Sol

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SDF-3 Mega Yamato Base +14,000 kg
30,864.708 lb
15.432 tons

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