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Admiral Wakkein +Wolfgang Wakkein  +, Gene Wakkein  +
Aida Surugan +Aida Rayhunton  +, Princess  +
Aila Jyrkiäinen +Aina  +
Aila and Reiji's Daughter +Little Girl  +, Mysterious Girl  +
Akahana +Red Nose  +
Akira Suga +The Sleggar  +
Alan Lee +Ace of Clubs  +
Alec Lad +Mister Gentle  +
Alex +Red Cancer  +
Alfred Izuruha +Al  +
Ali al-Saachez +Ali al-Saachez  +, Gary Biaggi  +, The Indestructible Saachez  +
Alicia Zabi +Alicia Zabi  +
Allelujah Haptism +Test Subject E-0057  +, Hallelujah Haptism  +, True Super Soldier  +
Amuro Ray +The White Devil  +, White Shooting Star  +, White Unicorn  +
Amy Bauer-Meister +Eagles of Odessa  +
Amy Zimbalist +Steel Cowboy  +, Devil of Unification  +
Anavel Gato +Nightmare of Solomon  +
Andrew Waltfeld +Desert Tiger  +
Andy Strauss +Andy  +
Apolly Bay +Andy (Real Name)  +
Argo Gulskii +Black Joker  +
Asemu Asuno +Super Pilot  +, White Devil  +, Captain Ash  +
Ash Gray +Scout 0984  +
Ashley Brown Brandon +Bob  +
Asuna Elmarit +Linda Franke Heidecke Drp Rollei (Disguise)  +

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