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Aaron Simmons +Base commander  +
Aaron Terzieff +Engineer  +
Abbey Windsor +Communications Controller  +
Abdul +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Abel Bauer +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Aber Rindt +Field Commander  +
Abraham +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Abu Dabia +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Aclam Halidda +Navigator  +
Acous +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Adam Stingray +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Adams Smith +Deck Chief  +
Adams Tinel +Navigator  +
Adamski +Mobile Suit pilot  +
Adenaur Paraya +Vice Foreign Minister  +
Admiral Tianem +Fleet Commander  +
Admiral Wakkein +Luna II Commandant  +, Tienem Fleet Commander  +
Adol Zeno +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Aeolia Schenberg +Celestial Being Founder  +, Electric Mechanical Engineer  +, Quantum Physicist  +
Agar +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Agha +Henchman  +
Agrippa Maintainer +Chancellor  +
Ahmad +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Aida Surugan +Mobile Suit Pilot  +
Aiguille Delaz +Mobile fleet commander  +

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