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This field holds the Ship Type of a Mobile Weapon. It has the type String. It allows the following values: Battleship, Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Carrier, Transport, Escort Ship, Mother-ship, Frigate, Mobile Fortress, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier.

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Acidalium +Transport  +
Adrastea-class +Battleship  +
Aegis-class +Cruiser  +
Agamemnon-class +Carrier  +
Air Force +Transport  +
Alexandria-class +Heavy Cruiser  +
Almaiya class +Battleship  +
Alps-class +Battleship  +
Amadeus +Carrier  +
Amalthea-class +Battleship  +
Amanesel +Battleship  +
Andes-class +Battleship  +
Angel Halo +Mobile Fortress  +
Antietam-class +Aircraft Carrier  +
Aoyagi-class +Battleship  +
Arcana-class +Transport  +
Archangel-class +Battleship  +
Argama-class +Carrier  +
Ark-class +Light Cruiser  +
Arkansas-class +Cruiser  +
Artorious +Carrier  +
Aspite +Battleship  +
Astrarza-class +Battleship  +
Bandaal +Mobile Fortress  +
Baronche +Carrier  +

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