This field holds the Vehicle Type of a Mobile Weapon. It has the type String. It allows the following values: Aircraft, Fighter, Bike, Craft, Helicopter, Hovercraft, Sub-Flight System, Tank, Truck, Turret, Transport.

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63 STS "Ginga" +Transport  +
6×6 Cargo Truck +Truck  +
ACA-01 Gaw +Transport  +
AF-01 Mongoose +Aircraft  +
AMEMBO +Craft  +
Anti-Zaku Tank +Tank  +
Antigravity Truck +Truck  +
B.M.C. Z78/2 +Bike  +
BJ-K232 Kessaria +Sub-Flight System  +
Base Jabber +Sub-Flight System  +
Battle Bike "Kou" +Bike  +
Battle Bike "Ohtu" +Bike  +
Belay +Sub-Flight System  +
Big Gun +Craft  +
Bull-One +Aircraft  +
CS-H926 Setter H926 +Sub-Flight System  +
Camion +Transport  +
Connected Armored Vehicle +Tank  +
Corvette Booster +Sub-Flight System  +
DFA-03 Dopp +Aircraft  +
Depp Rog +Aircraft  +
Dish +Aircraft  +
Dodai GA +Aircraft  +
Dodai II +Sub-Flight System  +
Dodai Kai +Sub-Flight System  +

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