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The Pyrennes class of land battleship is one of many used by Vultures in the After War era. A small and slender land battleship, the Pyrennes has a slower top land speed of its larger cousins, topping out at only 100 km/h.

After War Gundam X

A Pyrennes class ship is captained by Rosa Intenso, a captain called in by Jamil Neate to take part in an attack on the Alternative Company. Following the attack, Rosa left with her ship and crew.

After War Gundam X : Under the Moonlight

In the opening of chapters of the manga, a Pyrennes class ship called the Rosa Rosa, captained by Rosa the Second. The ship features prominently in the opening chapters as the base of operations and a rival ship for the Mirage. It is unknown whether this is the same ship previously commanded by Rosa Intenso, but given its name and that of its captain, it is likely that it is.

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