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Genetic Type
  • Oldtype
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Silver
  • Female
  • Mobile Suit pilot
  • Transport and Supplies Officer
  • First Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons

Quint (クイント Kuinto?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Noble Shroud manga. She piloted a MS-06F Zaku II during the One Year War, and MS-06D Zaku Desert Type during the Third Neo Zeon War in U.C. 0096.


1st Lt. Quint was a Zeon mobile suit pilot, with her left arm spotted with a thistle tattoo which also served as her personal emblem on her mobile suits. She suffered serious injuries during the One Year War and she was forcibly retired from piloting duties. Instead of joining the fleeing Zeon space force to asteroid base Axis, she joined the Zeon Remnants on Earth after the War. Under Yonem Kirks' command, she was responsible for military supplies and transport in New Guinea, one of Zeon Remnant's active area.


In U.C. 0096, when Neo Zeon's Garencieres supply ship desecended to Earth and crashed landed into Australian desert, Quint was dispatched by Kirks to coordinate re-supply for Garencieres, as well as weapon transport for Zeon Remnants for the impending attack to EFF's Torrington Base.

After the failed Torrington raid, Quint joined forces with Avril Zech, Tessera Massera and retreating Zeon remnant forces to defend their island base from the invasion by a band of heavily-armed Earth-based Pirates. She also secretly coordinated with fellow Zeon remnant ace pilot Fred Reber, as well as Torrington Base EFF pilots Robin Diez and Bier Quatrieme, for their aid to repel the Pirate's attack. Instead of handing the base over to the invading Pirates, she planted explosives and detonated the island base, along with the invading Pirate mobile suits. She was last seen safety retreated with Zech and Zeon remnants onboard of a Jukon-class submarine.


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