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This page is for quotes from and about Shinn Asuka.

Quotes by Shinn Asuka

Trival! I won't let anyone call it trivial, and you're wrong about it being irrelevant too. I lost my entire family because of the Athhas. They believed in the nation, and they believed and your so-called ideals. And in the end, they were all killed at Onogoro. That's why I will never believe a word that you say. I'll never believe in Orb. I'll never believe any of your self-serving lies again. When you said you were going to uphold justice, did you ever stop and think of the innocents? Of how many people would die because you insisted on following through your values to the bitter end? I wish people who didn't understand stuff, wouldn't talk about things as if they did.

Shinn Asuka about his hatred for Orb and the Athha family., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

This is crazy! It's unbelievable! They go on about Coordinators being a mistake and a crime against nature, and then they create these?"
"Shinn . . .

Shinn Asuka: How the hell can they say tinkering with genes is wrong when they are doing things like this?"
"I couldn't agree more.

Shinn Asuka and Athrun Zala when they discovered the Earth Alliance's Extended program at the Lodonia Lab., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

What is this!? Why is this happening!? Are you trying to start another one, another war!?

Shinn Asuka expressing his hatred for war during the theft at Armory One., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

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