This page is for quotes from and about Domon Kasshu.

Quotes by Domon Kasshu:

"Master's taught me that our great homeland, this precious Planet Earth, is the greatest form of life."

"Your hunger is inspiring. The stronger you become, the fiercer I become. You're an excellent rival, Chibodee." (In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, this was changed to "Your passion has inspired me. The stronger you grow, the more intense I become. We're rivals!")

(Along with the Shuffle Alliance) "Our spirits are aflame. Can we see the fire, there is nothing that we cannot defeat. And now this hand of mine is burning red. Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!"

(To Master Asia) "How could a fighter as good as you end up like this?"

(To Romario) 'Freaking ape ! Trying to make fun of me are ya !

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