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The RAG-79-G1 Waterproof Gundam (水中型ガンダム?) (aka Gundam Marine Type or Gundiver) is an Earth Federation Forces Mobile suit from the Universal Century, which first appeared in the Kunio Okawara Collection (SD Club No.13) design series and later on in the side story manga Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Noble Shroud.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Waterproof Gundam is a fully customized RAG-79 Aqua GM used by the Federation. Although the unit is built from the same basic frame of the Aqua GM, it was adapted with more advanced technologies during its development to improve its adaptability in amphibious combat.

One such feature is the improved Minovsky type reactor, which is custom designed to work underwater and allows it to use beam weapons while underwater. Other such improvements in performance is the increased power in the thrusters, allowing it to cruise underwater without problems. In design wise, the unit is designed with a Gundam-Like head to reflect the famous RX-78-2 Gundam.

The Waterproof Gundam is equipped with several new weaponry such as Beam Picks, Explosive Harpoon Guns and a Underwater-Use Beam Rifle.


  • Torpedo Pod
Since water reduces the effectiveness of beam weapons, the Waterproof Gundam opted to return to a far less modern weapon: Torpedo. This self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead is able to be launched toward enemies, then detonated on contact or within a proximity to the target.
  • Beam Pick
Possesses the same power output as a standard beam saber but was designed to generate a smaller and more concentrated beam blade (hence the name "pick") that is harder to diffuse when underwater. The Waterproof Gundam's beam picks are stored in its right hip armor.
  • Explosive Harpoon Gun
Located on the Waterproof Gundam's left forearm, a projectile weapon which shoots out an explosive harpoon.
  • Hand Anchor
A rocket anchor weapon equipped into the Waterproof Gundam's right forearm for close combat purposes. It has a grappling claw that can catch enemy units to pull them into the suit's combat range. It can also be used to restrict the movements of an enemy mobile suit.
  • Underwater-Use Beam Rifle
The Waterproof Gundam features a modified beam rifle that can be used underwater.


One surviving Waterproof Gundam was deployed at Dakar during the events of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, alongside two RAG-79 Aqua GM units to fight against The Sleeves. The Waterproof Gundam however was no match against the more advanced AMS-129M Zee Zulu units deployed by The Sleeves and was destroyed in combat.

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  1. Gundam Build Fighters Episode 17, Model of the Heart

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