The RGE-G1100ST Adele Starks is a mobile suit and the variant of the RGE-G1100 Adele from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-. It's piloted by Max Hartway and Arisa Gunhale.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Adele Starks is a variant of the Adele equipped with the Starks Wear Pack and is used for hit and run attacks. The suit's only weapon is the Root Reiber Lance, a special beam lance that can destroy enemy units in one hit. The 2 large boosters mounted on the shoulders and the numerous smaller thrusters mounted all over the body provided the Adele Starks with high speed in a single direction. In exchange, the suit's mobility is reduced and as a result, it can become an easy target for enemy when it is within close range, or when the enemy dodges its attack and counterattacks.


  • Root Reiber Lance
A long and heavy lance-like weapon used by the Adele Starks. The powerful beam lance generated from lance's emitter coupled with the Adele Stark's immerse speed, allows it to destroy an enemy in a single charge. The lance also mounts 4 small thrusters that can be used to increase the suit's speed while charging.

System Features

  • Wear System


So far, only three of these Wear Packs were known to be used by the Earth Federation Forces and they are equipped on 3 Adeles in an attempt to defeat a Zedas. The pilot of the Adele Starks include Max Hartway and Arisa Gunhale, the latter manages to complete the mission successful.

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  • As Max and Arisa have been transferred to another ship, their Adeles no longer sport the Diva's color.


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