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The RGE-G2000X Prototype Clanche is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A transformable prototype machine based on the AGE-2 Gundam design data stored within the AGE System.[1] Aside from being the prototype for the RGE-G2100 Clanche, the Prototype Clanche is also the first mobile suit that the Earth Federation developed for X-Rounders.[1] Unfortunately, the Prototype Clanche was more well known for its problematic integration of numerous technologies that Earth Federation obtained from reverse engineering the AGE-2.[1]

The four large movable wings on the shoulders were attempts to replicate the main wings of the AGE-2's Strider Mode, but it was troubled by output control failure from the beginning and this made it very unpopular with test pilots.[1] In order to counter this issue, a dedicated work system for these parts was created but the end product's performance was still far inferior than that of the AGE-2's and this led to their halt in production.[1] Limitations of the Earth Federation's production and processing technology also prevents the full replication of the AGE-2's transformation mechanism in a mass production mobile suit, forcing the developers to settle for a compromise.[1]

Its handheld Hyper DODS Rifle (Mass Production Type) has inferior power to the original due to production problems like manufacturing accuracy.[1] However, its overall firepower surpasses the mass production type due to a combination of four DODS Cannons mounted on the back and waist.[1]


  • Beam Vulcan
  • Beam Saber
  • DODS Cannon
  • Hyper DODS Rifle (Mass Production Type)
  • Shield




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