The RGE-G2100 Clanche is a limited production mobile suit featured in the third generation of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit is piloted by Jonathan Gistab, Derek Jackrow and Shanalua Mullen.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The RGE-G2100 Clanche is a next generation limited production transformable mobile suit developed from the RGE-G2000X Prototype Clanche. It uses a simplified version of the AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal's transformation mechanism that is fully automated and supported by a dedicated OS.[1] It has significantly higher mobility compared to the Adele and Genoace, but is less versatile in some respects.[1] Furthermore, many pilots are reluctant in piloting the Clanche from the fact that it requires a certain degree of training for proper use of each form.[1] It was produced in limited numbers compared to the Adele Mk-II, which was developed around the same time.[1] Just like the Gundam AGE-2, the Clanche is designed as a high speed combat unit, able to turn into Flight Mode which flies at a greater speed than that of its MS mode. It is equipped with the basic weapons such as the DODS rifle, three beam sabers, two beam vulcans, and a shield.


  • Beam Saber
The standard close range combat armament for most Federation mobile suits. The beam saber is a sword-like beam weapon that is used for close combat. The beam saber can easily cut through most mobile suits. A beam saber can be emitted directly from each of Clanche's wrists, while another handheld beam saber is stored in the shield.
  • Beam Vulcans
The beam vulcans are located in Clanche's head. These head mounted beam weapons have a high-rate of fire but have little power and are generally ineffective against advanced Vagan mobile suits. However these weapons are ideal to shoot down fast moving, lightly armored targets such as missiles and vehicles.
  • DODS Rifle
The DODS Rifle is the standard ranged combat weapon for most Federation mobile suits. The Clanche's DODS Rifle is a mass produced version of the AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal's Hyper DODS Rifle.
  • Shield
The Clanche's basic defensive armament. It is a fairly standard shield usually mounted on the left forearm. It can defend against both beam and physical attacks.


The Clanche is a mass production version of the AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal. The Clanche first appears in A.G. 164 during Vagan's full-scale invasion of Earth. The Abis Team are one of the several MS squads deployed during the attack on Olivernotes. The team consists of four standard Clanche units piloted by Jonathan, Shanalua, David, and Odeck, led by Seric Abis in the Clanche Custom. During the battle in Olivernotes, David was killed when his unit was destroyed by Vagan forces.

In A.G. 164, the Clanche is one of the Earth Federation's most advanced frontline mobile suits. Clanche units appear in many major battles such as at Roustroulan and Luna Base. There also exists a variant developed for the reconnaissance role.[2]


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