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RGM-111 type NR Hardygun Night Raid

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RGM-111 type NR Hardygun Night Raid

Unit Type

Night attack landing operations use Mobile Suit


Model Number
  • RGM-111 type NR
Developed from
First Seen
Known Pilots
  • 2 x Vulcan Gun
  • 2 x Mega Machine Cannon
  • 4-barrel Mortar Cannon
  • 2 x Beam Cannon
  • 2 x Machine Cannon
  • Long Beam Machine Gun
  • 2 x Machine Gun Spare Magazine
Optional Equipment
  • Short barrel Beam Rifle
  • Beam Launcher
  • Shield

The RGM-111 type NR Hardygun Night Raid was featured on the Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula Official Handbook included in the Bandai 1/100 scale RX-99 Neo Gundam model kit and designed by Kunio Okawara.


Intended to be a night combat unit, the Hardygun Night Raid is provided of several devices to accomplish its duties, such as targeting scopes and sensors derived from F90II-L Gundam F90II Long Range Type. Its back-mounted additional mobility unit combines the booster backpack adopted by F90A Gundam F90 Assault Type with the aerodynamic control surfaces of F90P Gundam F90 Plunge Type. It was used in the Indian regions during August UC 0118 to suppress an anti-EFF insurrection by old Neo Zeon loyalists. The leader of this subjugation corp was Lieutenant Colonel Baz Galemson, who lately commanded an Oldsmobile sweeping mercenary unit.


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