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RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E

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RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E

Unit Type

Middle Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • RH-35E

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 4.921 meters16.145 ft
    193.74 in
Standard Weight
  • 9.129 metric tons
Pilot Accommodations
  • pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
  • 2 x Short-range Missile

The RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E is a middle-class mobile suit operated by the Riah Republic civil defense forces. It first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.


A middle-class mobile suit built and used by civil defense forces at Side 6's Riah colonies during the One Year War, the RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E is designed for use against humans and human-sized objects/targets. Its crude manipulator hands are not capable of wielding weapons bigger or more complicated than small beam sabers, and it is quite ineffective against full-scale military mobile suits - as the Libot Colony defense forces learn the hard way when the Principality of Zeon's MS-18E Kämpfer comes calling on a secret Earth Federation Forces research base via the local city streets.


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