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The RMS-009 Septem is mass production high mobility mobile suit. The unit is featured in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The RMS-009 Septem is a mass production high mobility mobile suit developed by the Space Revolutionary Army (SRA) for space combat. The Septem shares similarities with the RMS-006 Jenice, this is due to the fact that the Septem is an enhanced version of the Jenice. One prominent improvement of the Septem over the Jenice is the addition of large thrusters on the Septem which are installed on the mobile suit's legs. These large thrusters allowed the Septem to achieve higher mobility and performance than the Jenice.

For combat on Earth, a ground variant of the Septem was created by the SRA known as the RMS-009G Septem Kai. This ground combat variant of the Septem is identical to the original Septem visually aside from a different color scheme, however the Septem Kai's parts and systems are modified for combat under gravity.

The Septem's primary weapon is its giant bazooka which possesses high firepower. For additional firepower, the Septem is also equipped with 50mm torso mounted machine guns.

The Septem can optionally be equipped with a 100mm machine gun which fires physical rounds and possesses less firepower than the Septem's giant bazooka.


  • 50mm Machine Gun
The Septem features two torso mounted machine guns which are rapid fire weapons. Although these 50mm machine guns do not possess the same level of firepower of the Septem's other armaments, these weapons can still be a effective weapon against mobile suits when used en masse.
  • 100mm Machine Gun
The 100mm machine gun is a optional weapon of the Septem. It fires physical rounds at a rapid rate and possesses enough firepower to destroy lightly armored mobile suits with ease.
  • Giant Bazooka
The giant bazooka serves as the Septem's primary weapon. The giant bazooka can be equipped when the situation calls for heavier fire power. This bazooka functions like a standard bazooka and fires physical rounds.
  • Heat Saber
A melee weapon that bears a strong resemblance to a beam saber, however it still relies on the older technology of using thermal energy to superheat a metal blade, allowing it to melt through the armor of an enemy machine at high speed. Appears on a customized Septem unit in episode 3 of Gundam Build Fighters.


The RMS-009 Septem was created by the Space Revolutionary Army (SRA) sometime prior to A.W. 0001 (presumably during the 7th Space War) as an enhanced RMS-006 Jenice. This mobile suit was deployed throughout the 7th Space War by the SRA alongside the less advanced Jenice, and later the more advanced RMS-014 Octape.

After the cataclysmic war, a number of Septem mobile suits survived and found their way in to the hands of various factions. A number of these Septems were claimed by Vultures. Many of these acquired Septems were customized in various ways by different factions and people.

Although the Septem was outdated and replaced by the more advanced RMS-019 Crouda, the Septem was still deployed and operated by the SRA in A.W. 0015. Some of these Septems were used by training squads for practice exercises. When the 8th Space War began, the SRA deployed a number of Septems to combat the New United Nations Earth (New UNE).


Notes & Trivia

  • The name Septem is derived from the 9th month, September.
  • It's model number is analog to its Universal Century counterpart, the MS-09B Dom.
  • In the SD Gundam G Generation games the Septem uses a beam saber as its melee weapon.


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