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RMS-099S Rick Dias S is a mass-production attack-use heavy assault mobile suit which appears in the video games SD Gundam G Generation (SD Gundam G Generation GATHER BEAT 2).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Rick Dias S was an minor improvement over the standard Rick Dias, it removed the beam pistols and replaced the clay bazooka with a more powerful long bazooka, allowing the Rick Dias S to act as a long range support unit. While the random binders was removed, it's overall performance is better than the original Rick Dias. It was designed to work with the FXA-04 D-Defenser an assist unit similar to the G-Defenser developed for the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II. The D-Defenser would provide great thrust for the Rick Dias S in space and also had a pair of machine guns as addition weaponry. The Rick Dias S combined with D-Defenser was also known as the Super Dias.


  • 2-barrel 55mm Vulcan Phalanx Anti-missile Gun System
  • Beam Saber
  • Long Bazooka
  • Machine Gun

System Features


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