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The RMSN-002 Febral is a Newtype-use high mobility mobile armor. The unit is featured in the series After War Gundam X. One notable pilot of the Febral is Lancerow Dawell.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The RMSN-002 Febral is a Newtype-use mobile armor developed by the Space Revolutionary Army (SRA) for space combat. Despite its large appearance, the Febral is an agile and quick unit.

The only weapon of the Febral is its hand mounted 5-barrel beam gun which function as the mobile armor's "fingers," these fingers cannot move. Both of the mobile armor's hands each mount a 5-barrel beam gun.

The Febral also features an eject-able head cockpit, which the pilot of the mobile armor can use to escape if the Febral is heavily damaged or destroyed in combat.


  • 5-Barrel Beam Gun
The Febral's primary and only weapon is its 5-barrel beam gun which is mounted on the mobile armor's hand. The beam gun functions as the mobile armor's "fingers," however these fingers cannot move. Each barrel of the beam gun can fire a particle beam with moderate firepower, however all five barrels can fire at once to create a beam shot with a higher firepower.

Special Equipments and Features

  • Eject-able Head Cockpit
The Febral featured a eject-able head cockpit that allows its pilot to escape if the mobile armor is heavily damaged or destroyed. When used, the head cockpit of the Febral detaches from the main body of the mobile armor and functions as an escape pod.


The RMSN-002 Febral is a Newtype-use mobile armor created by the Space Revolutionary Army (SRA) sometime during the 7th Space War, presumably during the later stages of the war. It is unknown if the Febral was a prototype or a production model mobile armor; likewise, it is unknown how many Febrals were produced by the SRA during the 7th Space War.

One notable Febral mobile armor was piloted by the SRA Newtype ace pilot Lancerow Dawell, the rival of the United Nations Earth (UNE) Newtype ace pilot Jamil Neate, who engaged Jamil's GX-9900 Gundam X during the mass colony drop that occurred at the final stages of the 7th Space War when the UNE attacked the space colonies that the SRA threatened to drop. Sometime during the fierce battle between the two Newtype pilots, Lancerow managed to destroy the Jamil's Gundam X's left arm. However the battle between the two drew to a close when Jamil managed to destroy Lancerow's Febral with a beam rifle shot. However, Lancerow managed to fire a final shot with his Febral's beam gun which destroyed the Gundam X's head, which crippled the Gundam. Despite his Febral being destroyed, Lancerow managed to escape through the Febral's eject-able cockpit. Although both pilots escaped with their lives, both pilots lost their Newtype abilities after their final clash in the 7th Space War.

It is unknown if any Febrals exist after the cataclysmic 7th Space War.


Notes & Trivia

  • The name "Febral" is derived from the 2nd month, February.
  • The Febral's model number is analog to its Universal Century counterpart MSN-02 Zeong. Although it is mostly listed with only two 5-barrel finger beam guns as weapons, it also has bits in SD Gundam G Generaion F and Super Robot Taisen R. In SD Gundam G Generation F, it is also equipped with a pair of machine cannons and the combat animation also shows that the finger beam gun can be used as a beam saber.

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