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The RRf-06 Zanny is an Earth Federation Forces Mobile suit from the Universal Century. The Zanny was fist seen in the game Gundam Tactics Mobility Fleet 0079.


The RRf-06 Zanny is one of the first mobile suits developed by the Earth Federation Forces using captured MS-05 Zaku I units (it is suggested that the Zanny is merely a restored Zaku). Unlike the RX units developed for Project V which used a large budget, the Zanny's development suffered from technical limitations and military budget shortfalls. The result was a shoddy design with poor usability and high failure rates during tests, caused by malfunctions in the machine during exercises. It is said that the Zanny itself had a performance rating comparable to the Zaku, but was not formally adopted due to the reasons mentioned above. However, the Zanny helped develop and train early pilots of the Federation Forces.


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