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A nearly 100-year old prototype, The Early Zorin Soul rolled out sometime during the year UC 0110, based on Newtype Mobile Suits such as Nu Gundam and Sazabi. It appears in the Gaia Gear novel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

It is unknown whether Zorin Soul is equipped with a Psycoframe, but it definitely uses a Psycommu Interface. Zorin Soul features a Minovsky Craft System and I-field Barrier, as well as Long Fin Funnels, derived from Nu Gundam's Fin Funnels, and Funnel Missiles, which are Newtype-guided missiles. Most of Zorin Soul's weaponry is fairly unique, especially its Pak-43A "electrochemical gun". The Pak-43A is often labelled a beam rifle, but recent information claims that it is more of a railgun of sorts, firing shaped-charge rounds. Presumably this is a prototype weapon that never saw mass production.


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