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The RX-110 Refined Zorin Soul is a man machine used by Metatron. It is featured in the novel Gaia Gear.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • 60mm Vulcans
  • Funnel Missile Launcher
  • Long Fin Funnel
  • Pak34A Electromechanical Gun
  • Shield
  • Short Fin Funnels
  • Drive Unit

Special Equipment & Features

  • I-field Generator


Though the Zorin Soul was a very high-end machine, it was almost a century old. Metatron used technology from a captured Gids Geese to give the ancient Suit a serious update. Its Gundarium composite armor was replaced with the new "Solid Armor" Gundarium from the Gids Geese, drastically altering the unit's looks, as well as radically improving it's defenses. The Minovsky Craft System was replaced with a newer equivalent, and adding a pair of head vulcans to the already impressive armament. A Drive Unit was proposed for Refined Zorin Soul, but never built.



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