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The RX-178-X0 Prototype Gundam Mk-II was an experimental Gundam-type mobile suit constructed by the Titans and was the prototype of the famous RX-178 Gundam Mk-II. It appears as a playable unit in the Gihren's Greed strategy game and is mainly piloted by cyber-newtype Zero Murasame.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Conscious that the RX-78 series left much to be desired as a general purpose mobile suit, the Titans initiated the creation of the Prototype Gundam Mark II and underwent accelerated development. As a trial unit, it was distinguished by the pursuit of performance over cost, and thanks to its specifications, it was regarded as an immensely powerful unit. The evaluation unit introduced several new technologies including the "movable frame" construction concept and incorporating a 360-degree "panoramic monitor" from the Gundam Development Project (it is supected that Anaheim Electronics was involved in the development of this machine), and aside from its reinforced armor, it was believed that its combat potential was more than a match for second-generation mobile suits which were used in the Gryps Conflict. Its main armament was fairly standard, being equipped with two 60mm Vulcan guns stored in its head and carrying two beam sabers for melee combat however it is equipped with an experimental beam rifle whose output rivaled that of a Magellan-class battleship's main cannon.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Powerful chain guns primarily used as anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons, these weapons often have difficulty piercing mobile suit armor.
  • Experimental Beam Saber
Stored on the backpack, The beam saber is most often used for close range combat or as an emergency weapon once all other ammunition has been depleted.
  • Experimental Beam Rifle
An extremely powerful prototype beam-weapon, although its initial output was high, the beam rifle's accuracy was poor, and a limiter that could constrain the output and a selector that could change the power according to the combat situation were later developed and added to the RX-178 Gundam Mk II when it was constructed.
  • Shield


This machine possessed in abundance all three attributes for such combat: heavy armor, powerful armament and an efficient power output, although mechanical reasons for the initial unreliability of the RX-178-X0 like its extremely short operating time and being somewhat tricky to pilot made it only suitable for only the most experienced pilots (of note was Zero Murasame, an enhanced human from the Murasame Newtype Research Institute). This unit was also an extraordinarily expensive machine to produce, comparable to that of constructing a few Pegasus-class warships. As a result of continuing handling difficulties, the RX-178-X0's development was halted and design effort was concentrated to the refined RX-178 Gundam Mk-II.



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