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The RX-78NT-X (MRX-003) NT-X (aka Netix) is a Mobile Suit which was featured in the video game SD Gundam G Generation Series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Built after the One Year War, the NT-X (Netix) was a testbed MS used by the Augusta Newtype Lab to improve Zeon's psycommu system. It was based on the Gundam Alex's frame and armed with a pair of large wire-guided bits on its back, double barrel beam guns on its forearms, a hand-carried machine gun, beam sabers and head vulcans. The suit was later transferred to the Murasame Newtype Lab and assigned with the model number MRX-003.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
  • Beam Saber
  • 2-barrel Beam Gun
  • Wire-guided Bits
  • Machine Gun
  • Shield


While never seen in actual combat, NT-X's test data greatly helped the Earth Federation to develop a miniature psycommu system and its wire-guided bit served as an early model of the INCOM quasi-psycommu system.

Notes & Trivia

  • Presumably the reason that the NT-X carries a Machine Gun instead of a Beam Rifle, is that after powering the Wire-guided Bits and Beam Guns, their isn't enough generator output left to power a Beam Rifle.

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