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The RXR-44 Guntank R-44 Powered Weapons Type is a variable mobile suit that appears in the Gundam F91 Mobile Suit Variations. It is considered as a powered-up version of F-50D (RXR-44) Guntank R-44.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

An improved version of the R-44 developed by Anaheim Electronics, the Powered Weapons Type uses design features from the D-50C Loto, including the transformation system and mounting weapons in place of hands, and the RMV-1 Guntank II's independently moving head turret. The main body of the mobile suit was based on an older transforming artillery mobile suit, the D-50C Loto, a special operations mobile suit created in UC 0096. One feature gained from D-50C Loto with unlike most Mobile Suits, its main torso contained enough room for four personnel to fully operate the mobile suit and transport the ground force.


  • 4-barrel 130mm Machine Cannon
Attached to the mobile suit's head-turret is a four-barrel machine cannon. This large weapon fires heavy-caliber armor-piercing anti-mobile suit rounds that can rip a mobile suit to pieces.
  • 3-tube Smoke Discharger
Mounted opposite to the machine cannon is a set of three smoke dischargers which release a cloud a smoke that would cover the area around the mobile suit to make it more difficult for enemies to target.
  • Finger Launcher Gun
In place of the mobile suit's right hand is a five-barreled, small-caliber gun.
  • 2-barrel Beam Cannon
Mounted on the right forearm is a two-barreled beam cannon. This serves as the only beam weapon mounted on the mobile suit.
  • Mortar Gun Unit
  • 8-barrel 20mm Gatling Gun
In place of the mobile suit's left hand is a small gatling gun.
  • 35mm Machine Gun
  • 20mm Machine Gun


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