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  • A
  • 167 cm
    5.479 ft
    65.748 in
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Blue
  • 20
Birth Date
  • October 3, 39 (F.C.)
  • Female
Love Interests
  • Medic
  • Gundam Mechanic/Engineer Support Staff Member
  • Gundam Fighter
Mobile Weapons

Rain Mikamura (レイン・ミカムラ Rein Mikamura?) was a fictional character in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Traveling with Domon

Rain studied to become a doctor; however, due to the orders of her father to return home, she joined Domon Kasshu as the Engineer of the GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam. Rain remained with Domon until she was injured while piloting the Shining Gundam in the Guiana Highlands. Domon placed her on a Neo Russian transport and had her go to Neo Hong Kong while he fought Master Asia and the JDG-00X Devil Gundam.

During the Finals, Rain continued to serve as Domon's mechanic until Domon, in a fit of rage, yelled at her and knocked her to the ground. Rain then left, and, after a meeting with Schwarz Bruder, she defected to Neo Germany, but eventually went back to Domon when he realized that he couldn't go on without her.


Rain battles an infected Allenby.

After Schwarz was injured and his relationship to Kyoji Kasshu was revealed, Rain snuck into the hospital and heard the truth about the Devil Gundam's theft and how her father helped orchestrate a plot along with Major Ulube Ishikawa to ruin Dr. Raizo Kasshu's reputation. She helped Schwarz escape and get to Lantau Island. After that, she then took the JMF1336R Rising Gundam and fought the Walter Gundam that was piloted by an infected Allenby Beardsley. Eventually, Rain managed to free Allenby from the DG Cells and took her to a hospital. Afterwards, the Neo Japan Military came to get Dr. Mikamura. When Rain knew the truth, she felt that her father's crimes were also her crimes since her family honor was forever tarnished and that she couldn't face Domon.

Core Life Unit

Core life unit form in final

Rain as the new Core Life Unit for the Devil Gundam.

During their trip back to the colony, Ulube reviewed the research from the late Wong Yunfat, and learned that the ideal pilot for the Devil Gundam was a woman. Upon hearing out his sinister plan, Dr. Mikamura ran out of Ulube's office and tried to save his daughter by pushing her to a nearby elevator to evade Ulube's evil plot, but Ulube held them at gunpoint and shot Dr. Mikamura in front of Rain before kidnapping her, and gave her to the Devil Gundam as the new Core Life Unit. The Devil Gundam later bonded with Neo-Japan after it fed off of Rain's negative emotions. The Devil Gundam then regenerated itself and become the Colony Devil Gundam in it's final evolution stages.

Domon would arrive at the scene when he sensed Rain's plea for help. However, he was too late, and witnessed the colony completely absorbed by the Devil Gundam. He also found out that Rain had became the pilot of the Devil Gundam at the same time. After defeating Ulube alongside with the Shuffle Alliance, Domon entered the center of the colony to rescue Rain, and engages in a final confrontation with the Devil Gundam, in its final form, only to realize that Rain was controlling it.

Domon expressed his moment of weakness when his father explained that Rain's attack would become stronger the closer that he moves towards her, also realizing that Rain wanted to stay away from him. At the same time, Allenby shares her idea to Domon of revealing his true feelings towards Rain and declaring his commitment to her. Rain finally breaks free from her bonds and embraces with Domon in delivering their final attack sequence of the Bakunetsu God Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken technique, destroying the dying Devil Gundam in the process. After the epic battle, they returned to Earth together, and presumably were engaged.

Personality & Character

Rain was a sweet and gentle person, but was also a clever and tough young woman who was Domon's best friend and Mobile Suit Engineer. She's a brilliant engineer and doctor. Though Rain had to put up with Domon's tough and hotheaded attitude, she still remained loyal and faithful. She was the one who took the photo of Domon and his family which was later ripped in half and was used by him in his search for Kyoji.

Rain was very popular with men in the series, due to both her personality and her sensuality. Chibodee Crocket flirted with her openly even though she rejected him, and George de Sand was especially polite and nice to her. During her college days, Rain also had a brief relationship with Engineer Saette Gyuzelle, who became the Gundam Fighter for Neo Turkey.

Skills & Abilities

Rain was skilled in several sciences, primarily Advanced Physics, Biology, and Robotic/Mechanical Engineering. She was also trained in medical-related sciences as well. The full depth of her medical skills was unclear. Rain assisted her father in many procedures such as mental manipulation and surgery, but she wasn't a legitimate doctor herself. It was confirmed that Rain was a skilled field medic while she also was capable of repairing both the Shining and Burning Gundams. Also while not an official Gundam Fighter, she showed the ability to effectively pilot a Mobile Fighter Unit.

Picture Gallery


  • The Devil Gundam coated Rain's body with a silver colored metallic substance. That was a visual indication that the Devil Gundam forced Rain to become Domon's enemy. The silver finish was a counterpoint to Domon's own gold-hued Hyper Mode.
  • The material of the metal layer was nearly same as the Mobile Trace Suit of a Gundam Fighter, which was why Rain could still move inside the Devil Gundam's cockpit. The Devil Gundam produced that in order to create or solidify the connection between itself and the Core Life Unit. To hold the Core Life Unit, the Devil Gundam spawned tentacles to affix Rain, or any Core Life Unit to itself.
  • Rain's personality was more tsundere-ish in the Manga with the reason being the artist/writer's bias for Allenby. The most evident was the flashback scene when Domon's photo was taken with a young Rain, who taunted Domon for his fear, something that she didn't do in the Anime.


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20  +

Birth date

October 5, 0039 JL  +

Blood Type

A  +


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Eye Color

Blue  +


Female  +

Hair Color

Brown  +


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Medic  + , Gundam Mechanic  + , Engineer Support Staff Member  + , Gundam Fighter  +

Person Height

167 cm (5.479 ft, 65.748 in)  +


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Human  +

Voice Actors

Yuri Amano  + , Jennifer Holder  +

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