The Recksnow is a mobile suit featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Since the Recten was intended for civilian purposes it therefore couldn't perform well in battle against MS designed specifically for combat. To rectify this, the Capital Guard modified the Recten's frame with additional armor and weapons, allowing it to play a more active combat role. Changes made included a backpack mounted large beam rifle, a large shield used for defense and added large leg units which allowed better ground mobility by hovering and was also capable of performing short jumps.


  • Large Beam Rifle

A long range and somewhat powerful beam weapon which could effectively bring down enemy mobile suits with ease. It was mounted on the shoulder of the Recksnow and was grasped with the right hand to fire.

  • Large Shield

A large sheuld effective at blocking beam blasts, solid projectiles, and explosives.

Special Equipment & Features

  • High Sensitivity Sensor Camera


Despite its rather unique background, Kerbes Yoh pilots a Recksnow when he joins the crew of the Megafauna as a Capital Guard attache, which would be put to work with maintaing the ship's systems alongside its MS corps. 



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