This is a list of technology from the Regild Century timeline of Gundam Reconguista in G.


Anti-Heat Film
A thin, nearly transparent sheet designed to protect Mobile Suits while entering the atmosphere.
Compressed Water Balls
These are common items found on ships and other vehicles. They contain large amounts of water for their small size, which can overwhelm a Mobile Suit if ruptured.
Gel Curtain
Equipped on space-faring ships, these are used to contain atmosphere inside the hangar bay while it is open to allow MS and shuttles to enter without the need for the crew to wear normal suits.
Photon Battery
The energy supply that everything in the Regild Century uses. They are produced by the Hermes Foundation.
Photon Armor
A defensive material used in the Regild Century by the YG-111 G-Self.


Photon Bomb
A missile equipped with a Photon Eye AI to allow autonomous guidance even through Minovsky Particle interference.
Photon Torpedo
Tiny explosive that, even at very low yields, can carve large chunks out of any target it hits.


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