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The Reinforce is a modified Clop-class cruiser used by the League Militaire in the series Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Reinforce refit is considered to be a general improvement over the standard Clop-class. The engine cooling vanes have been moved to the forward hull under the bow catapult to lower their overall effect on the ship's profile and for added efficiency. The addition of two more dual beam cannons on the sides of the engineering hull doubles the direct offensive firepower over regular Clop standards, making this vessel a more potent combatant than its standard Clop-class cousins.

The Reinforce also includes a mobile suit recovery deck on the aft portion in addition to its forward catapult, allowing the vessel to launch and recovery mobile suits simultaneously.


  • Two-Barrel Main Beam Cannon
The primary armament of the Reinforce is four two-barrel beam cannons mounted on the side of the ship, doubling the standard direct firepower of the stock Clop-class.
  • Three-Barrel Defensive Gun
The Reinforce is equipped with eight three-barrel defensive guns for use in anti-mobile suit defense. They are located on the sides of the upper hull behind the bridge and on the forward facing edge of the upper engine section.
  • Missile Launcher
The Reinforce is equipped with four missile launchers in the bow and depending on the loadout used, are capable of being utlized for anti-ship or anti-mobile suit combat.


In order for the League Militaire to take their fight to space, the Earth Federation Forces transfers the Reinforce to them for their use and assists in escorting them to space along with the remaining pilots from the EFSF Bagley team.

Battle vs. the Keilas Guile Fleet

After arriving in space and joining up with the Alexandria-class Heavy Cruiser Gaunland, both vessels proceed to engage the Keilas Guile Fleet of the Zanscare Empire. While the Gaunland, having been evacuated and placed under remote computer control, acted as a decoy to draw the escort elements of the Keilas Guile Fleet away, the Reinforce approached the Squid-class ship Squid 1 and proceeded to board and eventually take over the vessel. This action marks the defeat of the Keilas Guilie Fleet and the capture of the Keilas Guilie cannon for the League Militaire.


Shortly after the defeat of the Keilas Guile Fleet, the Reinforce brings the Squid-class battleship Squid 1 to the La Vie en Rose IV where the two ships are dismantled and rebuilt into a single vessel, the Reinforce Junior.


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