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Genetic Type
  • Human
  • O
  • 167 cm
    5.479 ft
    65.748 in
Hair Color
  • Blue
Eye Color
  • Green
  • 32
  • Female
Love Interests
  • Japanese
  • Shop Manager

Rinko Iori (イオリ・リン子?) is a character from Gundam Build Fighters.

Personality & Character

Rinko is cheerful, cheeky and feisty, she "ships" her son with China Kousaka often encouraging them to spend time together and once flat-out saying that they were dating. She will stare with starry eyes when she sees or thinks about the two together, to Sei's annoyance and China's embarrassment. Despite her sometimes intrusive behavior she is sweet, almost always smiling, caring and a firm supporter of her son and Reiji as well as a good friend to China. Despite the distance often between herself and Takeshi Iori the two do still strongly love each other. She is most often seen wearing a yellow cardigan and jeans. She is also known to look very good in a bikini.

Skills & Abilities

Rinko is a skilled chef, with her specialty being yasai itame (vegetable stir-fry).


Rinko Iori is Sei's mother and the Iori model shop manager. However, she is not familiar much about Gunpla model and relying on Sei for the Gundam in particular. When Reiji appeared, she allowed him to stay at her house and cooked him lots of yasai itame. She chaperoned the children to the seaside and mountain inn but did not not join them when they headed for the World Tournament.

Alongside China, she cheered Sei and Reiji until China went to physically join them. Rinko did the same just as her husband came to visit her at the shop. Rinko continued to avidly cheer the children on and gave Aila permission to stay at her house after learning about her situation.



  • Rinko Iori shares her voice actress with Murrue Ramius. This is referenced in one of the episode previews, where Rinko narrates in similar fashion to Murrue's preview narration in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
  • Rinko is so popular to the anime community that even now, she is the butt of "MILF" jokes in the community. She is also popular with the artists, spawning a large amount of fanart, often with an emphasis on fanservice.

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