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  • 85
Birth Date
  • June 23, 0153 (U.C.)
  • Male
Mobile Weapons

Romero Marabal (ロメロ・マラバル Romero Marabaru?) is a character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He is one of the four males throughout the series that are often collectively referred to as "the old men". The group serves as the leadership for the particular League Millitaire group that Uso Ewin and company are part of.


The oldest of the "old men", Romero Marabal was one of the leading members of the League Millitaire on Earth. Romero spends most of his time assisting the cause around the others of the old men. He shows his abilities with electronics when he arrives at Uso's home and looks over several data chips left by Uso's parents. He then installs these into the Victory Gundam's Core Fighter. Romero is critical of Uso when he fails to pursue his enemies, advising him that in war he must kill his foes he also says "You're an expert of a pilot! You've now become a chosen warrior!" clearly expressing his belief of the crucial role Uso will play in their battle against Zanscare, a position that Romero will continue to hold until his death.

When the League Millitaire arrives at the Federation Forces Becheyne base Romero further impresses his aggressive attitude by arguing with their transport planes pilot, saying that they should attack the Largane base and avenge Oi Nyung, the Camion group's leader who was executed by Zanscare.

In space the crew of the Reinforce plan an assault on a Kelias Guille. They intend to use a microwave weapon for an assault, but realize that this is a flawed plan. Uso poses some questions about it's other possible uses and Romero realizes that it could be used to induce headaches and stomachs to the crew if used at a low frequency. Together they implement the plan.

The last major action that Romero performs along with the other old men is the designing of a new armor upgrade which is used by Uso towards the end of the war when he is piloting his Victory 2 Gundam.

Romero dies in the final battle against the Zanscare Empire, shot by a Zollidia when he along with Leonid Almodovar, fought atop the Reinforce Junior in a crippled Gun-EZ as the ship performed a suicide attack on the Adrastea.