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Rosa the Second/Rosa II(ローザII世) is a fictional character from After War Gundam X: Under the Moonlight.


The daughter of a well to do family, she goes into a part of the family business as a Vulture, and quickly builds a rivalry against the crew of the Mirage. While disputing rights for salvaging in the Sea of Lorelei with the other ship, she enters into a contest with a group of mercenaries from her ship and pilots from the Mirage, the contest is to see who can bring back the best salvage and thus have claim to the area. Piloting her DTM-7200 Daughseat III she discovers a sunken ship from the 7th Space War along with Rick Aller from the Mirage. Her annoyance with the young pilot fades quickly as both of them are attacked by the pilots she hired, the men now intent on collecting the salvage on their own and killing her. Taking refuge in the sunken ship, she and Rick find a Black GX-9900 Gundam X with the pilot still inside in suspended animation. Awakening the pilot she begs him to help save her and he does at the cost of killing the turn-coat band of mercenaries and displaying the power of the Satellite Cannon of the Gundam X.

Leaving the Sea of Lorelei, Rosa is content to stay away from her rivals for a while, only to change her mind when she sees the beam from the moon once more that powers the deadly weapon of the Gundam X. Feeling that something isn't right, she takes the GS-9900 G-Falcon that her family has long kept secret and goes to investigate, finding Rick in battle with Kai in a strange Gundam. Saving Rick on the orders of the Mirage's captain, Rosa flies him and her to safety as the ship is destroyed and helps the new Gundam pilot recover from his emotional wounds. When the Gundam X is stolen, she helps Rick to recover the Gundam and fight off a three pilots, reluctantly joining up with Rick and the strange mechanic name Mana.

Unconfirmed Information

It is possible that Rosa the Second (Rosa II) is the daughter of Rosa Intenso, a captain of a Vulture ship of the same class and color as the one that she is the captain of in Under The Moonlight. This is unconfirmed information, but it would fit with her name being "Rosa the Second".

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