The SD-9071A "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing (紅武者アメイジング Reddo Uōria Ameijingu?) is a custom Gunpla from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters Try. Based on the Kurenai Musha (Red Warrior) from Cho-Senshi Gundam Boy, it is built and piloted by Lady Kawaguchi.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The second SD Gundam used by Lady Kawaguchi in Build Fighters Try, it contains several design elements (such as the hair-like parts on the back of the head) that are not present in its the base unit, the Kurenai Musha (Red Warrior) from Cho-Senshi Gundam Boy. Besides representing Lady's femininity, the hair which is capable of moving during battle, also exemplify her penchant for high speed battle as well as allowing her to fight beautifully. The "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing is armed with a famed sword "Beniaoi", two kunai, two wheel armor, and a hyper bazooka that can be replaced by a Gatling gun. The unit can also combine some of its weapons and armor to form a cannon known as 'Musha Cross Cannon'. The eyes of the "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing can be covered by a visor when required. Thanks to Lady's superb piloting skills, the "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing can take on Star Winning Gundam, Gundam Portent and R-Gyagya all at once.


  • Famed Sword "Beniaoi"
A handheld sword that is stored in a scabbard mounted on the rear waist armor, it is the "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing's main close combat weapon. Combined with the Gunpla's speed, the sword has extremely high cutting power.
  • Kunai
A pair of Kunai are stored on the head, they are handheld when in use and serve as mid-range throwing weapon or as secondary close combat weapons.
  • Wheel Armor
A pair of shields mounted on the forearms, the wheel armor also serve as throwing weapons. The wheel armor can also be used for travelling purposes.
  • Hyper Bazooka/Gatling Gun
Mounted on the right side of the backpack, the hyper bazooka can be changed into a Gatling gun by switching the front parts.
  • Musha Cross Cannon
A cannon formed from the combination of the backpack (including the hyper bazooka), wheel armor, shoulder armor and part of the head armor. The Musha Cross Cannon has high destructive power and can also function as an independent support unit. The cannon's visor protects the "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing's sensors from smoke and fragments during firing.


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