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SD Gundam Eiyuden (SDガンダム英雄伝) is a manga with 5 volumes based on the game of the same title for PSone and WonderSwan written by Koichi Tokita, published by Kodansha and serialized by Comic BonBon between the years 2001-2004.




  • Mine Road
  • Sylphy Mithria
  • Fred Road
  • Frey Leedens
  • Land Stone
  • Oldo Road
  • Zis Mithria
  • Nichlo Paganini
  • Conian Leonheart the 3rd

Amamiya (Ark)

  • Yusa Shindo
  • Kagetsu Shion
  • Daizen Shindo
  • Kazan Yugakusai
  • Tenshin Ryukochi


  • Hym Sarcrit Zard the 29th
  • Kyos Marc Crowe
  • Faust Quinted Zard the 28th
  • Martha
  • Woll
  • Sa Guicy
  • Pedia
  • The Earth Star
  • Raiha Shindo
  • Rafael
  • Bleston
  • Destina
  • Rokai
  • Sanshu
  • Renka
  • Inei
  • Dokats

Video Game Exclusive Characters

  • Oren Wayne Oregano
  • Uwan Rebense Aide
  • Mimi Port Muse



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