SD Gundam The Last World is a photonovel written by Makoto Ishii and Yasushi Takamura.


In this world where all humans have disappeared.... A stature of a golden Gundam stands at Tocho, the center of Tokyo. Those who have this statue will know the truth of this world and gain the power to create a new world.

Hear this, all SD Gundams!! Slay the enemy and obtain their souls, their "G Soul".

This "G Soul" will strengthen you, giving you new powers. Besides yourself everyone is an enemy. You will befit the power of gold when you become the strongest, when you defeat them all.

There, the stage is go, to "The Last World".


  • Stage 1
  • Episode 1: The Beginning of the End -Ragnarok-
  • Episode 2: Turbulent Soul -G Soul-
  • Episode 3: Gigantic Crash!! -Gigantomechia-
  • Episode 4: Seven Star Blade -Evolution-
  • Episode 5: Warrior Yields -Requiem-
  • Episode 6: Strengthened Power -Awake G-
  • Stage 2
  • Episode 1: Ryūtei Clash! -Dragon Emperor-
  • Episode 2: Pirates of Justice!? -New Hope-
  • Episode 3: Giant God Change -Transformation-
  • Episode 4: Battlefield -Throne Brothers-
  • Episode 5: Three Become One -Trinity-



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