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The STH-05R Rouei (漏影?) is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

To assist Tekkadan in its conflict with Gjallarhorn without announcing the involvement of Teiwaz, the Turbines decided to disguise the Hyakuren (a well known Teiwaz mobile suit) as the Rouei by swapping its armor. The changes to the machine also allowed it to be used for ground combat. The Rouei used by Lafter Frankland was previously the STH-05/AC Hyakuren Amida Custom.


  • 130mm Short Rifle
It has a system that prevents the ejection of the bullet cases so they can't be traced to Teiwaz, thus preserving their undercover identity. Uses the same double-column type magazine as the JEE-205 130mm Assault Rifle. Additional magazines can be mounted in an optional skirt mounted magazine holder.
  • Heavy Club
The inside of the club part is hollow and contains a free heavy weight that uses the centrifugal force of an attack to move to the top part of the club, maximizing damage. The handle is retracted when the heavy club is stored on the rear skirt armor.
  • JEE-205 130mm Assault Rifle
The same model of assault rifle as used by the Hyakuren Amida Custom, it has a larger caliber than the Hyakuren's rifle cannon. Its accuracy, single shot power and effective range is a revision of the rifle cannon's. The rifle can be stored on the rear skirt armor.
  • JEE-102 Revolving Grenade Launcher
The same model of grenade launcher as used by the Hyakuren Amida Custom, it fires explosive shells.


Wanting to support the Tekkadan as they continue with their mission on Earth, Turbines disguised their two Hyakurens as the Roueis so that Teiwaz's involvement in the conflict remains a secret. The two mobile suits were piloted by Lafter and Azee upon Naze Turbine's request, and a third member of the Turbines, Eco Turbine also followed the duo to help with mobile suit maintenance. The two machines made their debut when assisting Tekkadan against Gjallarhorn forces during the Earth atmospheric entry battle. Later, they were involved in the battle of Millennium Island against the Gjallarhorn's naval ships and Graze Ground Types. When the Tekkadan arrived at Edmonton, the two Roueis alongside the Tekkadan's mobile suits protected the rear as the other members of the group tried to enter the city that is heavily guarded by Gjallarhorn. The two machines were later severely damaged by the newly arrived EB-AX2 Graze Ein.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Rouei can be literally translated as "Leaked Shadow". This could be a reference to the fact that even though the unit is meant as a disguise for Hyakuren, traces of the latter's design can still be seen.


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