The STH-05 Hyakuren (百錬?) is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Hyakuren is the main general purpose mobile suit used by Teiwaz and its subsidiaries such as Turbines.[1] Teiwaz's engineer acquired the blueprints of a high output machine that was planned to be developed during the late stages of the Calamity War, and based on it, developed the Teiwaz Frame and the Hyakuren.[2][3] Unlike the mobile suits used by Gjallarhorn, the Hyakuren's Ahab Reactor is from ancient times, as such it cannot be said to be a machine that was produced completely by Teiwaz.[1] This is also partly due to the fact that Gjallarhorn has a monopoly on Ahab Reactor technology in the present day.[4] Nevertheless, it remains an important achievement as it is the first non-Gjallarhorn MS frame completed in recent years.[1][2] Development of the Hyakuren's frame was difficult and took a long time, evidence of this is that the mass production line is not ready yet.[2]

Currently, there are only 44 Hyakuren in operation, and the initial 9 machines are known as 'Single Number'. These 9 machines, of which the Hyakuren Amida Custom is one, differ from the later machines in that they have better materials internally as well as better performance.[5] All the 44 machines operates primarily in the asteroid belt and debris zone, and are equipped with heavy armor.[1] Although this causes the suit’s weight to increase, it also grants better resistant to collision. In MS battle, this characteristic allows it to have excellent performance in close combat.[2] When the suit is deployed under gravity, the heavy armor would be switched out for ground combat equipment with lighter armor.[5]

Hyakuren's weapons are designed to strike a balance between ranged and close combat, and as a versatile machine, the suit is unhindered by its operating environment as seen in its ability to operate in the harsh debris zone.[1] During combat, the Hyakuren usually operates in pairs, but they are also often deployed in a three unit team together with a Hyakuri.[2] In Teiwaz, information about suit is widely shared, this allowed a version up of the machine at the system level to be accomplished easily.[2] The Hykauren is considered to be a symbol of Teiwaz in the Outer Sphere and serves as a deterrence.[2]


  • JEE-201 100mm Rifle Cannon
A lightweight rifle made by Euro Electronics, a subsidiary of Teiwaz that is engaged in heavy industries. The rifle has a sliding stock structure, and its magazine holds 20 rounds.[1][3] Spare magazines can be stored in the suit's side skirt armor.[3]
  • JEE-202 Single-Edged Blade
A close combat-use blade made for Hyakuren's use, it is stored in a sheath mounted on the rear skirt armor. The sheath can also be mounted on Hyakuri's backpack.[1]
  • JEE-203 Knuckle Guard
Stored on the bottom of the side skirt armor, the pair of knuckle guards are hand held when in use. The close combat-use knuckle guards can deliver an electric shock when they come into contact with the enemy.[2]
  • JEE-103 Four-barreled Rocket Launcher
An optional weapon, it is a relatively light weight rocket launcher. Depending on the objective, the rocket launcher can be loaded with different warheads such as explosive shell, smoke shell, napalm shell, etc.[6]
  • JEE-102 Revolving Grenade Launcher
An optional weapon, the grenade launcher fires explosive shells and holds 8 rounds.[3][6]





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